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Children's therapy

Talking therapy for children involves discussing thoughts, feelings and experiences through art, play, and other creative methods to help them make sense of their situation and providing them with positive coping strategies.


How it works


Your initial appointment will require both child and parent and will last approximately 60 minutes.


During this appointment, I aim to understand the cause of the difficulties discussed and will provide you with feedback.


We will then collaboratively implement a wellbeing plan which may consist of a mixture of the above session type.

Child and adolescent sessions (30 mins)


Child and adolescent sessions (50 mins)


Parent-only session (50 mins) 


Parent-child session  (50 mins / 70 mins)

£65 / £75

Other sources of support


Your GP

Seeing your GP is an excellent first step to getting your child the support they require if they are having thoughts, feelings, or behaviours that are impacting on their everyday lives.


Your childs school or college

If your child is struggling, being honest with their school or college about what's happening and what support your child requires can be helpful.


Community services 

There are other types of mental health and wellbeing support  in your local area such as support groups, drop-in sessions and clubs. 

You can view available services here.

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