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Develop more effective ways of communicating with each other - Explore and identify underlying needs that are influencing any disconnections in your relationship - Investigate and recognise cycles of disconnection and conflict - Learn about the dynamics of relationships - Cultivate connection by increasing emotional intimacy, developing relational skills, and healing past relational wounds

Workshops are designed to help children and young people aged 10 to 18 develop important skills in a fun and engaging setting. Workshops also include psychoeducation, building confidence, resilience, and understanding, as well as developing empathy for others, are all skills that can help them in their daily lives.

- Recognising that your child is experiencing psychological and/or emotional difficulties can be a difficult experience. - Children's therapy provides a safe place where your child can learn about themselves, work through challenging emotions and learn important skills to help them to regulate their emotions. Things your child may be struggling with which I can help with: - Bullying - Relationship/ friendship difficulties - Anxiety - Low mood/depression - Anger - ADHD/Autism - Self-harm - Parental separation or divorce - Sexual identity or gender identity

- Explore and make meaning and connections of earlier life experiences and current concerns - Reduce shame and cultivate self-love - Develop an understanding of your own needs, boundaries and limits - Reduce feelings of shame and develop self-love - Explore relational patterns in the aim to improve present day relationships - Process and heal from traumatic experiences - Develop strategies to regulate your emotions

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